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In Development




writer/director David Chidlow


Camarthen, Wales, autumn 1982. A young mother, Emma Watkins, does her best to shield her children, Sarah and Joe, from the hideous realities of the abusive relationship she endures with their father, Bryn. But on one ordinary, lonely September day Emma has had enough. The kids are now clearly aware of what’s going on, and quietly accepting it as part of life – as though it’s something that is just normal. With her daughter growing up way too soon, Emma’s mind is set.


That night, when Bryn gets home from work, they’re gone. Initially seeking refuge at her mother’s in Swansea, Emma fears Bryn will easily find her there. Instead she heads for somewhere he’d never think to look. Somewhere local women helped create over the past year – the women’s peace camp at Greenham Common USAF base in Berkshire...




Developed with Film Wales

Cast attached: Agyness Deyn,

Miranda Richardson and Juliet Stevenson

Crew attached: Nanu Segal

Exec Producer: Ian Davies and Jamie Carmichael

In Development with BFI






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